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[One-Shot] Cannibal (Matsuba)

So I've learned that music really inspires me...XD I've also been inspired a lot by old Japanese stories of monsters and what not. I haven't written anything Arashi related in a little over 5 months (I mean, my stories Refrain and  Monster, remain un-updated...) but I found this draft and decided to finish it. so I hope you enjoy! I'll see if i can bring myself to write more haha.
Title: Cannibal
Fandom: Arashi
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Matsuba (Jun/Aiba)
Length: 3, 176
Summary: Why Aiba couldn't sleep without it, Jun will never know. But Aiba refuses to go to sleep on tour without Jun telling him some sort of story. Tonight's story is about a cannibal and it scared the living crap out of Aiba. Now he won't sleep and Jun has to stay the night in Aiba's room until he calms down.
N/A: No, Jun is not going to eat Aiba. Don't worry. lol. Inspired by the song Cannibal by Ke$ha. I know this would never happen but the image is to incredibly adorable to not write lol. I took Aiba's child-like nature and blew it up to about 5x the original size and got this. It's completely nonsensical but I was doing it out of boredom so *shrug* It's still good I think though. It satisfies me if nothing else at all lol. Oh and might I add I had a little giggle-fit when I realized that Aiba will be 30 next year and he still acts like a total kid XD

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Writer's Block: No. 1 hits

Which is your favorite classic Beatles’ song, and why?

Here Comes the Sun and Penny Lane both have special spots in my heart.

1st song because I heard it fist in the Parent Trap with Lindsey Lohan and I loved it, thus beginning my Beetles fandom. Penny Lane because a character in one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous, called herself Penny Lane.
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[fiction] Monster [1/??]

So this…I don’t really know where this came from. I was listening to Monster on repeat (yes on repeat) and I just got inspired and the plot and characters just started coming to me. I couldn’t stop them!! So I spit them all out in a Word doc and here what we got =p An OC story. Yes. O to the C story with the occasional fanservice because it is completely unavoidable when it comes to Arashi fandom.

Title: Monster
Rating: PG-13 (For use of weapons and swearing)
Pairing: NinoxOC
Genre: Romance, Thriller, Sci-fi
Length: Currently Unknown
Summary: Nino needs a job. Nino needs a job…now. So he takes his acting and musical skills to a nearby television studio and lands himself a spot on 'Drama Show', a program that airs three 20-minute drama segments every Friday with musical performances from the talented cast in between. And there he meets Ritsu, the program’s producer. But what he doesn’t know is that Ritsu has something after her. And if Nino and co. can’t stop it, Ritsu’s life and livelihood is in imminent danger. As well as his and everyone elses.
N/A: You don’t realize how long I was sitting there trying to decide between Nino and Aiba >_> But Nino seemed to be the more believable snarky, sarcastic, reluctant hero type so he got the lead role in this story. And I get to keep Aiba in my closet and make him shake his hips whenever I want him to *gawks at gorgeous hips* Anyway, this story features EVERYONE as they are all cast members on the show, however I don’t own any of them and nor do I claim the songs mentioned in this story. Enjoy ^_^

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Writer's Block: Forever young

If you found a magical stone that could keep one person young forever, would you keep it or give it to someone else? If the latter, to whom would you give it?

I wouldn't keep it for myself, I'd give it to my mother =p I can't live without her. And if there were a way to keep her around forever, I would gladly pay whatever I had to and give her whatever.
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I should be doing homework right now XP

I'm such a bad student. I don't do my homework when I'm supposed to ~

No, i am. Kinda. Like off and on. Homework Lj Homework Facebook Homework Twitter Homework Email Homework LJ again =p Hey i get it all done DON'T JUDGE ME *is fully aware that a psyhopathic evil genius lives inside her*

Anyway, *spaz* Nino commercial!! <33 he advertised SOUP. Yes he's sexy, but you know what? He made me giggle non-stop this time around. Here I am sitting in the school library 'HEHEHEHE' I probably got a few stares. lol. Not that i wasn't being stared at enough because I'm as tall as a freakin' amazon warrior princess AND i looked like a rockstar =D Heels, leather vest, hot shirt and skinny jeans <33 I'd show a pic but I don't have my cam on me.

Anyway, check out the CM here I'm gonna dl it later when I get home. Don't you love how he SANG the jingle at the end? lol

Next up on my "distracted from homework" post, All the Best Record Sales!! Apparently they broke 1 million today. GO ARASHI ~ ARASHI FOREVER!

And that's it for the updates you probably already knew about XP Now for my personal life, GUYS SUCK. -_- *is currently trying to bounce back from rejection and not succeeding* I'm on a 'must shoot and stab all things male except Arashi, NEWS, KAT-TUN, and Johnny's* kick right now. I mean...yeah they can be fun to hang out with. Especially gay guys. Can't hate gay guys. But...straight guys who will willingly step on your heart? Not so much -_- How would you like it if I stepped on YOUR Heart, dude, huh?? How's that make you feel??? *very violent*

I don't know. I'm sure I'll be out of this for soon, but right now...*sigh* If you read my post from yesterday, you'll understand.

And now I'm going back to the books. Ja ne, minna-san ~
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My first real sucks

Ahhh ~ ! Love sucks big time. Especially when it's your first. Yes, ladies and gents it's Ashley's story of First Love =[

It's quite short. It starts with a girl who met a guy. A tall handsome fun sweet good guy who had the cutest smile on earth and the warmest hugs ever. The girl began to like this guy towards the end of her senior year in high school but, because she wasn't sure, she kept her mouth shut. And it got worse as they became closer friends. The hugs were more frequent and she melted everytime he came near, but she just kept on smiling and joked around with him and her other friends. Like nothing was different.

Then one sunday, at a chuch meeting, after all the mess was cleaned up, the guy said his usual goodbye to her. A big hug. Like always, her stomach turned. Normally, she'd just smile hug him feel her stomach turn then go home with her family. But this time...her heartbeat quickened about 50x it's normal pace. And she hugged him longer than normal, feeling the warmth of him, almost about to cry from loving him so much. And that's when she thought to herself 'I have to tell him'

So she waited til late that night after shopping with her sister and sent him a text 'If i told you I liked you, what would you do?' she said 'What do you mean?' was his response. After a long text convo, the guy finally said 'I'm sorry, I just got out of a relationship. You're a nice girl and a good friend, but that's all im looking for right now. Don't wait for me and miss out on the guy God made for you. I don't want you waiting for something that might not happen. If it happens it happens but don't miss out on the guy cuz ur waitin'

The girl cried...then she smiled ''re so nice. That's why I like you so much. When ur ready to date, lemme know'

=[ And such is my story. Now I have a story to tell my kids one day about how your first love can sometimes hurt...

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And so it has begun - College >_< (Arashi Concert goodies too!!)

I suppose I should use this journal a little more often XP I'm always posting stories to my writing community and what not that I do NOTHING on here anymore. I think Imma start being  alittle more active. And now that I'm in college, I'll have lots to talk about ~

I actually started yesterday (wednesday) and had three classes, United States Federal Government (-_-) Creative Writing and Class Piano. It was all just intro and 'hi im the teacher and im going to suck what's left of your existance into my college-students-lives-sucker machine' lol But my piano teacher is hot ^_^ Im going to be a veeeeery good student in there. lol.

And today i had math and english. i hate math. HATE it always have always will and nothing will ever change that. it'll be a miracle if i get through 4 years of college level math >_< my english teacher is pretty much the definition of AWESOME. She's hilarious. I wish I could've filmed her and put it on youtube, she's just THAT cool. Can't wait to continue that class and creative writing since i love writing.

I may just be shy but i haven't really met anyone *shrug* i guess that'll change eventually. and until then i have maggie, nasyer, christina, and angiie plus the entire arashi fandom to socialize with XP they're more than enough. lol.


Arashi Concert goodies ~ SOO amazing ~ Look look LOOK or you'll die from the lack of amazingness

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Arashi Around Asia 2007 + IN DOME MC Hardsub

I DID IT!!! *happy dance* I successfully subbed the MC of Arashi Around Asia 2007. I actually finished it a while ago but I didn't get around to uploading it until just recently. No, it's not the 2008 MC, but this is just as good! And I'm really proud of myself for doing this. Aegisub makes things so simple. Anyway, on to the download!

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38 Icons [Arashi]

Another icon dump before my next concert post! I've been working on these icons for about a week, but I've been so busy and half-braindead that I didn't get as many done as I'd hoped. Oh well *shrug* I'm still proud of what I've got here.

[18] Pairings (Ohmiya, ect.)
[16] Misc.
[4] Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru

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