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[fiction] Monster [1/??]

So this…I don’t really know where this came from. I was listening to Monster on repeat (yes on repeat) and I just got inspired and the plot and characters just started coming to me. I couldn’t stop them!! So I spit them all out in a Word doc and here what we got =p An OC story. Yes. O to the C story with the occasional fanservice because it is completely unavoidable when it comes to Arashi fandom.

Title: Monster
Rating: PG-13 (For use of weapons and swearing)
Pairing: NinoxOC
Genre: Romance, Thriller, Sci-fi
Length: Currently Unknown
Summary: Nino needs a job. Nino needs a job…now. So he takes his acting and musical skills to a nearby television studio and lands himself a spot on 'Drama Show', a program that airs three 20-minute drama segments every Friday with musical performances from the talented cast in between. And there he meets Ritsu, the program’s producer. But what he doesn’t know is that Ritsu has something after her. And if Nino and co. can’t stop it, Ritsu’s life and livelihood is in imminent danger. As well as his and everyone elses.
N/A: You don’t realize how long I was sitting there trying to decide between Nino and Aiba >_> But Nino seemed to be the more believable snarky, sarcastic, reluctant hero type so he got the lead role in this story. And I get to keep Aiba in my closet and make him shake his hips whenever I want him to *gawks at gorgeous hips* Anyway, this story features EVERYONE as they are all cast members on the show, however I don’t own any of them and nor do I claim the songs mentioned in this story. Enjoy ^_^

Chapter 1: Last Day of Interviews

Never had she seen such a dark night. Never had she been out in such darkness. It was frightening. She sat on the painted horse, staring up at the bar that connected it to the carousal. Oh how she wished the carosaul would move. Round and round like it did when she was young, playing a music box like melody that was both lovely and haunting.

In front of her was another painted horse and on it sat a man. And while she found comfort in the company, she didn’t know who this person was. Or where he'd come from.

So she called out.

“Who are you?”

He turned, looking at her with dark, entrancing eyes and a soft smile. She found herself melting with that single glance “A friend.”

She tilted her head to the side in slight confusion, “But I've never met you before. How can you call yourself a friend?”

“How could you say that, Ritsu-chan?. After all we've been through.”

He slid off his painted horse and moved over to her's. And just as he began his steps, the carousal began to move, and that melodious tune so familiar to carousals began. As the world spun around her, all she could see was this man. He put one foot into the metal stir-up of the horse, lifting himself up to her level. 

"But I don't know you. What all have we been through together?"

There suddenly came a frightening sound. A spine-tingling screech that broke through the carosaul's melody, and the tune turned sour before halting all together. A flash of darkness cut through the air and through the carosaul, taking down painted horses and carriage seats left and right. Everything around them was falling apart and it would be only a matter of seconds before her horse was taken down.

He got off the horse and held out his hand to her, "Come on, Ritsu-chan, we have to go."

But she couldn’t.

It was as if she was glued to her horse. All around her the carousal was collapsing at the hands of this monster, until not a seat was left aside from her own. It was quiet for a moment and her heart pounded against her chest. He still stood there with his hand reached out to her. She took it, finding all the warmth in the world in that single touch.  And then the screech came again and the monster crashed through the bar holding her painted horse. Her horse fell in the opposite direction of where he was standing, sending her falling off the side of the carosaul. She expected to hit ground, but she just kept falling. Above her she could see him looking down at her, his hand still extended to her.



“Ritsu-chan. Ritsu…Oi, Ritsu! RITSU, wake up!”

Ritsu’s eyes flew open and she sat up faster than she should have. As if to truly remind her she was awake, her mind conjured up a massive headache that made her fall back onto her pillow with her hand to her head. All around her, scattered over her bed were resumes, job applications, and photographs.

"I can't wait you up every morning Ritsu."  Keiko Tanaka was Ritsu's roomate and co-worker and a gorgeous sight she was with wavy brown hair and perfectly shaped eyes. Her Spanish mother gave her curves and bust, while her Japanese father gave her the face of a typical Asian woman. She was taller than most Japanese women at 5'9" and she wore a pants suit better than anyone at the studio. Including Ritsu herself.

Not to say that Ritsu was ugly. Not at all. She was considerably shorter than Keiko at 5"4 and had drastically less curves, but they were their nonetheless, and an average sized bust. She had raven black hair that fell to her shoulders (to her neck when curled) and wore rectangular glasses with black frames. Her eyes were hazel, a sort of honey brown in the right light.

Though, it wouldn't be fair to compare their looks at that current moment considering Ritsu had fallen asleep the previous night looking fantastic and woke up with smeared make-up and ruffled hair.

"I was up late, Keiko." Ritsu ran her fingers through her hair and let out a slight yelp when her finger caught on one particularly stubborn tangle that hurt her head when tugged on, "You try looking through dozens of applicants for the show, holding interviews all the while trying to communicate with the rest of the cast and crew to put together a second season. All of which have to be done by next Wednesday. How much sleep can I expect to get?"

Keiko sighed and took a bite of the apple in her hand, "I suppose. Being producer is harder than my job isn't it?"

"Considerably so. All you have to do is run back and forth to get coffee and food and whatever miscellaneous crap we need on set. Now out of my room, I have to get ready."

"I'll be in the living room then. We'll leave when you're ready."

And with that, Keiko walked out and slammed the door behind her, shaking the contents of a nearby shelf. Thankfully it didn't fall and Ritsu let out a sigh of relief. She hung her head, eyes shut, and ruffled her hair some more as she further woke herself up. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself looking down on the last resume she'd looked at the previous night before falling asleep. She sat upright, flipping to the applicants photo and rubbed her forehead.

"So this is why you were in my dream..." she flipped to the resume page and read the name, "Kazunari Ninomiya-san."

She looked back at the photo and looked directly into his eyes. They certainly weren't as warm in the photo as they had been in her dream, but still, there was something about them - about him - that she was drawn to. She shrugged and threw it to the side before getting out of bed.

"Maybe he's supposed to get the job. We'll see." And with that final thought, she went into the bathroom to ready herself for another long day of interviews.

Aiba Masaki sat at the kitchen table, a magazine in his hand and his mouth hanging open. Food was supposed to be going in there, but the article had him so absorbed that the food was still in the chopsticks, suspended in mid-air while his eyes scanned the article. Into the kitchen came his roommate, hair styled perfectly and sporting a crisp black, quarter sleeved jacket, a white shirt beneath, black slacks and nice shoes. He arched an eyebrow and moved behind Aiba to reach the coffee pot and after he'd poured a cup and leaned against the counter, he lifted his leg and kicked Aiba's chair forward into the table. The plate clattered, the food fell from his chopsticks, and the magazine slipped out of his hand.

"What was that for?" He said, turning around.

"I thought you were frozen." He took a sip of his coffee.


"You were sitting there absolutely still."

"I was reading." He put some food in his mouth and nearly spit it back out, "It's cold..."

The roommate sniggered, "Well what do you expect?"

"Warm it up for me, Nino-chan?"

Ninomiya Kazunari rolled his eyes and took the plate off the table, then stuck it in the microwave behind him and let it run for 20 seconds before pulling it out and handing it back to him.

Aiba smiled, "Thank-you!"

"Whatever. Are you almost ready?" Nino took another sip of his coffee, "I will not be late for this interview because you're taking forever to eat."

"Don't worry about it!" Aiba waved his hand in dismissal and picked his magazine back up, "If you're with me, Ritsu won't mind if you're late. I am a main cast member after all."

Nino looked at him as if he were crazy and shook his head, "I'm not a cast member yet. I can't be late, you idiot. I don't understand how you get by in the work world being late all the time."

"It's a special talent of mine." He said, food filling his mouth to capacity. His cheeks were so full he closely resembled a chipmunk being greedy about his nuts.

Nino rolled his eyes, "I happen to know another talent of yours..." He said under his breath. Aiba didn't hear it as he swallowed his food and inhaled more of what was on the plate. Nino shook his head, "By the way, Aiba-chan, what's this Ritsu like? Anything I should know about her so I don't say something stupid at the interview and destroy my chances?"

Aiba leaned back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest and a pensive look on his face. Though, how pensive can someone look while chewing? "Ritsu is...strict sometimes. And she gets stressed out easily. Everyone on set says she has a stick up her ass but I think she just has a lot going on in her head. She's the producer of the show, and has a lot of responsibility."

"So she's..." Nino thought for a second, then shook his head, "That doesn't tell me much."

"Just be yourself. Be nice, be polite, all that stuff and she'll like you. And you're a musician! You write your own songs and music. You'll win points that way."

"Yeah I guess. I didn't even bother learning the audition song. I wrote my own."

Aiba nodded excitedly, "Innovative and ambitious. She likes that."

Nino smirked, "Then I'm basically guaranteed to get this job."

"I hope you do. I'll have to kick you out otherwise." Aiba got up from teh table, his plate now cleared and placed it in the sink, then rinsed off his hands.

Nino practically choked on his coffee, "What?!"

Aiba sighed and looked at his roommate, "Nino...This place is expensive to live in. That's why we split the rent. But with you jobless I've been paying the rent for 4 months now and taking a huge bit out of our regular expenses. I can't do rent, bills, and food by myself. That's why I let you be roommate so you could help. But if you don't help I have to find a new roommate."

Nino gritted his teeth and mumbled into his coffee cup as he took another sip, "I hate when you get all responsible like that..."

Aiba smirked and stood in front of his friend, taking him by the arms and looking right into his eyes, "If Ritsu doesn't pick you, she's crazy. Just don't screw up and you'll be fine."

"Who's telling who not to screw up?" Nino smirked again, "You're the screw up around here."

"Let's go!"

Aiba said and waltzed out of the kitchen. Nino placed his cup in the sink and followed Aiba out of the kitchen and out of the apartment. When they got in the car, Nino glanced in the backseat to make sure his keyboard was still there, then leaned back in the chair with his eyes closed. What if I don't get this job? I need a plan...just in case.


All I was thinking while writing this was 'Ritsu is so short...Ritsu is SOOO short!! I blame Nino for only being 5'5'
Tags: g:romance, g:sci-fi, g:thriller, p:ninoxoc, s:fiction

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