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[One-Shot] Cannibal (Matsuba)

So I've learned that music really inspires me...XD I've also been inspired a lot by old Japanese stories of monsters and what not. I haven't written anything Arashi related in a little over 5 months (I mean, my stories Refrain and  Monster, remain un-updated...) but I found this draft and decided to finish it. so I hope you enjoy! I'll see if i can bring myself to write more haha.
Title: Cannibal
Fandom: Arashi
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Matsuba (Jun/Aiba)
Length: 3, 176
Summary: Why Aiba couldn't sleep without it, Jun will never know. But Aiba refuses to go to sleep on tour without Jun telling him some sort of story. Tonight's story is about a cannibal and it scared the living crap out of Aiba. Now he won't sleep and Jun has to stay the night in Aiba's room until he calms down.
N/A: No, Jun is not going to eat Aiba. Don't worry. lol. Inspired by the song Cannibal by Ke$ha. I know this would never happen but the image is to incredibly adorable to not write lol. I took Aiba's child-like nature and blew it up to about 5x the original size and got this. It's completely nonsensical but I was doing it out of boredom so *shrug* It's still good I think though. It satisfies me if nothing else at all lol. Oh and might I add I had a little giggle-fit when I realized that Aiba will be 30 next year and he still acts like a total kid XD

9:30 PM
Jun heaved a sigh and flipped through a magazine. Aiba was curled up against him, staring at the blank television screen in front of the bed, willing himself to sleep but failing miserably.
"I have to sleep sometime too, you know." Jun said, not looking up from his magazine. Aiba jumped when he spoke, then let out a small sigh and covered his eyes.
"So do I, but that story was horrible!"
"You're such a baby. I warned you it was sort of scary. If you didn't like it, you should have stopped me."
Aiba let out an embaressed whimper and leaned his face into the younger member's arm. Jun let out a soft sigh and moved his arm, wrapping it around Aiba and he cuddled up closer to him. He couldn't believe this. Aiba was a grown man and was acting like a 5 year old who's big brother had told him a scary story before bed. Aiba couldn't sleep and Jun didn't know what to do to calm him down other than stay with him until his heavy eyes finally shut.
"We have rehearsals early in the morning. Go to sleep already." Jun looked down at him, "Close your eyes and sleep, damn it."
Aiba forced his eyes shut and held them shut tightly. Jun could feel Aiba's entire body tense up and he shook his head and returned to his magazine.
10:30 PM
Aiba was now restlessly stretched across Jun's legs, eyes wide open and staring up at the cottage cheese celing. Jun had leaned back against the headboard, arm covering his eyes and attempting sleep. He knew he'd be there a while, and he wasn't about to deprive himself of sleep on Aiba's account.
However, Aiba wouldn't shut up.
"Why do cannibals eat people? Why can't they just eat meat like everyone else?"
"I don't know."
"But that must be a horrible experience to be eaten alive! I mean. Kill the person first at least."
"I'd like to think they usually do."
"But they didn't in your story!"
Jun moved his arm and looked at Aiba who was looking at him with wide eyes. The younger one let out a breath through his teeth and rubbed his eyes.
"Can we turn off the light at least? I won't go anywhere, but I can't sleep with all the lights on."
Aiba was hesitant. Jun sat upright and looked at him, "I can pull back the curtains to let some light in."
Aiba sat up, pulling his legs to his chest and letting Jun stand and flip the switch off. He then moved over to the window and pulled back the window, flooding the room with soft moonlight. Jun crawled back into the bed on his side and let out a sigh before closing his eyes. Aiba was still sitting upright, staring at Jun's still figure.
"Thanks for the company Jun-chan. You're a real friend."

11:30 PM
Jun was on his back now. Knocked out. Aiba, of course, was still awake. He lay next to Jun, looking at the side of his head and waiting for sleep to finally take him over. Sleep or lust. Whichever came first.
It was usually the second when Jun was around.
"Not tonight" He mumbled to himself, "Jun's asleep. And I should be too."
Aiba sighed, letting his pleasent thoughts shadow the ones of the story. Cannibals. How silly. Modern day Japan houses no cannibals.
Or does it?
Aiba groaned and covered his face with the pillow.

12:30 AM
Jun was awake now thanks to Aiba's sudden kick. The latter had dosed off, then scared himself awake and kicked Jun in the leg, waking him up. Now they were both awake at 12:30 and had to be up in 4 hours.
"I'm sorry, Jun."
"I'm never telling you a story before bed. Ever again."
"Just don't tell me scary ones!"
"You're to damn old for stories anyway!"
Aiba sat upright, the moonlight from the window shining on his face. Jun could see the distress in his face.
"Fine, leave then! I'll go to sleep eventually even if it's 3 minutes before I have to get up. You don't care anyway. You just want sleep and you're only here because you think I'm pathetic. You can't help but feel sorry for me. Everyone seems to feel that way about me." He shook his head, "But you worst of all, Jun!"
Jun was slightly concerned now. He'd never said things like this before. "I think you're a little delerious from lack of sleep." Jun sat up, "Lay down and go back to sleep. I'm not going anywhere."
He put a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to push him down, but Aiba smacked it away, "I'm not delirious. I'm being honest. Get out of my room."
Jun got out of the bed and wordlessly, he left the room, letting the door close quietly behind him. He leaned back against the door, rubbing his eyes as he heaved a a sigh. Upsetting Aiba was among the many things he disliked doing. The result would be awkward silences all the following day as well as dirty looks and back-handed comments. He was in for it, and there was no way of fixing it at the current moment. He walked a few doors down and went into his room, then fell onto the bed.
1:15 AM
The 'no sleep' bug was apparently contagious as Jun found himself still wide awake a half an hour later. If he hadn't snapped at Aiba, he would be sound asleep right now at his friend's side. Whether or not Aiba was asleep didn't so much matter to him so long as HE got his sleep.
The only thing that made Jun crankier than going without sleep for a night was going to long without sex. Very rarely did he ever have a problem with that, but it was just as much an issue to him as lack of sleep was. He rolled over in the bed, twisting himself in the sheets and staring at the blank, windowless wall. Cannibals. What was he thinking? Telling such a story to Aiba. If he'd known what would  happen, he wouldn't have let the first few words pass his lips. He supposed this to be a punishment of sorts, and the lesson was well learned and he vowed to apologize to Aiba the next day. So why couldn't he sleep? Was it really Aiba's room and bed that he needed in order to sleep?
Meanwhile, a few doors down, Aiba was finally nodding off into a peaceful slumber. Perhaps Jun's presence had prevented him from sleeping. He was the culprit, the trigger of all these emotions and fears. If the catalyst is destroyed, the disaster is averted. So getting rid of Jun was the best thing Aiba could have done for himself.
Aiba scooted closer to what he expected to be a human body, only to remember a second later no one was there. He was the only one in his bed and he suddenly didn't like it. And of course, he was suddenly unable to sleep. He wanted someone there. He needed Jun there, the warmth of his body against his was the main reason he demanded stories of him. Jun would never admit it to anyone who didn't already know, but the stories had a tendency to put both of them to sleep and they would end up asleep in the bed together. Aiba had grown used to it. It was something his body more so than himself looked forward to on these tours. It was some of the most peaceful and comforting sleep he ever had. And despite what had been said, what gauntlets had been thrown, he wanted it.
1:30 AM
Aiba missed Jun's warmth, Jun missed his sleep. And it was their misery that moved them from their beds later that evening and to the door. Someone was going to apologize that night. If for no other reason than a strong desire to sleep. Jun stood at his door, hand on the knob. A simple apology and an 'I'll tell you as many stories as you want' promise was all he figured he would need. Aiba on the other hand was at a loss as to what to say to Jun.
First of all, he'd have to deal with the venom and dirty looks Jun would undoubtedly give. 'What on earth would give you the audacity (Aiba liked when Jun used this word) to come wake me up again after all we just went through?!'. That would most likely be what he would say. Yes, it was inevitable. Aiba would have to apologize first before even attempting to wriggle and apology out of Jun for what he said. And once that was over...what would he say?
There came a knock on Aiba's door before he had a chance to work it out in his mind. Aiba blinked and stared at the door in disbelief. It wasn't until the knock came again that Aiba actually opened the door.
"Sorry." Jun said first, "Did I wake you?"
Aiba just looked at him and the younger shook his head, "Stupid question...alright. Aiba-chan, I went back to my room and tried to sleep and I realized something.
Aiba stepped to the side so as to allow Jun inside, but Jun shook his head, "I shouldn't have said what I said and I couldn't sleep knowing I had upset you so...I'm sorry."
Aiba couldn't help but smile slightly at his companion. Jun took on a completely different persona when apologizing. His normal cool, composed, disposition Aiba so admired was replaced with something much more sincere and innocent. Almost child-like and defenseless. Shoulders slouched, eyes darted, fingers tangled together. It was the sort of look that gave you an overwhelming desire to hug him. Aiba could  understand Jun's feelings when he was like this. The feeling Jun got whenever Aiba stopped smiling. Jun always said to him that if Aiba stopped smiling, the world was sad. And anyone who had the...audacity to try and make that smile go away was the worst person in the world. He laughed whenever Jun said this, but it made him happy and kept that ever present smile on his face ever present.
"Say something. Don't just stand there and stare at me."
Aiba shifted slightly, pulled out of his thoughtful trance, "Sorry. I mean...Okay. I accept your apology." Now please come back to bed with me, he thought.
"Good. Alright." He turned and made a step towards his room. He couldn't ask to sleep in the room with him. Aiba would probably say in innocent Aiba fashion 'Sorry, Jun-chan, but I think I'll sleep fine now! Go back to your room and I'll see you tomorrow'

 But Aiba grabbed his arm. It was one of those moments when Aiba's body acted on it's own accord without giving his mind a chance to catch up. But when it did catch up, he found that they were usually in perfect sync.
"I realized something too."
"Oh yeah? What was that?"
Aiba pulled him into the room and shut the door and Jun felt a bit of elation inside him, "If you tell a better story, I think we'll both be able to sleep."
Jun nodded, "I think so too."
1:35 AM
It was a much better story and with the aid of Jun's arm around him and the gently rubbing of his shoulder, Aiba was falling asleep halfway through and Jun stopped telling his story to allow his friend to doze off.
"I can't imagine someone who sleeps all day and doesn't work..." He mumbled, "Netaro is a bum."
"He was...I envy him, all the sleep he got..."
"What was that, Jun-chan?"
"Nothing. Go to sleep."
Aiba found that that state of sleepiness was finally taking over. His body was limp, his eyes rolling back into his head. He was relaxed...albeit a bit twitchly. Quiet, calm, relaxed. He rolled over into Jun who leaned his head into the pillow, dozing lightly. Aiba's vision grew fuzzy and his hand found its way to Jun's chest, just resting there. He took a fistful of Jun's shirt, then released it, then grabbed it again: A motion Jun often compared to a cat's tendency to dig its claws into things over and over.
"Stop it." Jun mumbled.
"You're doing that cat thing again."
"Your pajamas are so silky." Aiba continued, "Feels good in my fingers."
"You're wrinkling them."
Aiba stopped and instead resorting to running his hand up and down Jun's chest. And while it felt quite good it was keeping him awake.
Aiba's hand moved up Jun's chest and to his neck and he scooted up to eye level. Jun blinked and Aiba just smiled sleepily.
"Stop touching me."
Aiba moaned and moved closer to Jun's face. What Aiba had taken as sleepiness taking over had become the second thing. Lust. A sleepy lust that Aiba often said was the most powerful lust in existence. Their lips didn't touch, but they were close enough to have.
"I can't help it. I can't help what my body does when it's sleepy." Aiba moved downwards and nuzzled  his face in Jun's neck. An affectionate nuzzle became a small nip that made Jun jump back and cover the mark on his neck.
"Are you crazy?"
"No. I'm sleepy. Now come here." Aiba scooted closer to Jun and straddled his lap.
"This is sleepy?" Aiba took Jun's hands and placed them on his hips, then he leaned forward and took Jun's lips captive, "If this is sleepy," Jun said between breaths, "I'd hate...well...love to see you lusty."
"Hush and sleep with me." Aiba pulled out of the kiss and ran his hands down the front of Jun's pajamas a couple times before undoing the buttons, kissing the spot where each button lay before undoing them.
"Two hours, Aiba. We have to get up in about two hours."
"We have time." He returned to his neck. All thoughts of sleep were now gone. Jun's desire to slumber and dream turned into a desire to pull Aiba's hips towards his in a rhythmic motion. The fact that his mind had switched so quickly was a bit scary.
But he went with it.
Jun sat up abruptly and pinned Aiba down who let out a small yelp, "Jun-chan!"
"You know I'm always on top."
Aiba frowned and wriggled slightly as Jun removed his pajama bottoms, "I thought I'd had you that time."
He lifted his arms as Jun eased his shirt off his body then pressed his chest to his and kissed him, "Never."
Aiba wrapped his arms around Jun's neck and deepened the kiss only to find his breath taken away so suddenly.
"Aren't you sensitive tonight?" Jun couldn't help but laugh as he continued to grope.
"It's because I'm tired. My body's tired, Jun-chan."
"Does that mean you'll be finished faster?"
Aiba was quiet, his eyes rolled back into his head and arched his back, "...I dont know..."
Talking to Aiba in the heat of the moment was almost as pointless as talking to a wall. Coherent thoughts and complete sentences were rare. Not that they were needed. His body did all the talking. Measuring his pleasure was the simplest thing in the world. The way his grip tightened when Jun touched him, the shortness of breath when the moment was near, the way his back arched when whatever Jun was doing was right. Fixated on his neck, Jun worked Aiba slowly, listening and watching for all these signs.
2:00 AM
The rhythmic motion of their hips was rhythmic for a very short time. Jun's body must have been tired too. Things only got sporadic when he was ready to finish and that happened much sooner than it normally did. He threw his head back as he finished and Aiba moaned slightly, one out of pleasure, and two out of the fact that Jun...had not pulled out.
"Jun-chan...I have to take a shower now."
Jun laughed a little and collapsed atop him, "Sorry."
"I really don't want to."
"Then don't"
"I have to!"
"No you don't. All you have to do is lay her and for goodness sake, go to sleep."
"Fine..." Aiba closed his eyes, "Only if you'll shower in the morning with me."
Jun pulled the covers up and laid down under them, motioning for Aiba to join him, "Fine. Now sleep."
Aiba closed his eyes and placed his arm over Jun's which was wrapped snugly around his waist, "Goodnight, Jun-chan."
There was a knock on the door and Jun shot up, "What?! Who the...I'm not getting up." He collapsed, "You get the door. This is all your fault anyway."
Aiba jumped up, "Wha--Jun-chan, why are you yelling at me?! You scared me awake."
"What awake, you weren't even sleep yet!"
Aiba groaned and sat up, "Yes I was. Look at the clock you grouch, we've been asleep for about 2 hours now."
While Aiba put his pajamas back on Jun looked at the clock. It was 4:30 am when he could have sworn it was 2:00 two seconds ago. He was still tired...and still very naked.
"Really? But...we just..."
"You were out as soon as soon as your head hit the pillow. You didn't even--I'm coming!--You didn't even say good night to me. Get your clothes on."
Nino was at the door, a knowing smirk on his face and as he teased Aiba and slid past him to examine Jun in the bed he went on about how well he'd slept and how comfortable the beds where. When Aiba asked where Ohno was, there was no response other than a proud smirk. Aiba shook his head and wondered if Sho was the only one who really got any sleep that night.
And...that's the end! Can't tell you how much I love my endings!
By the way, the story Jun was telling in the second half of the story was called Sannen Netaro. I heard it from this little Japanese girl I used to look after. She told me it was about a guy who slept all the time and hated to work and his family told him if he didn't get up he would never get someone to marry him. So one day he went to town and bought an eagle and a latern then climbed into the tree of his neighbor's yard. He was in the tree and pretended to be a tengu (a goblin) and told his neighbor that if he didn't hand over his daughter to Netaro to marry he would end up poor. After that, he tighed the lantern to the eagles legs and let it fly away so the neighbor would think it was the tengu flying away. So Netaro got himself a wife and magically gained some work ethic along with it!
Fun stuff...fun stuff.
Tags: g:lightromance, p:jun matsumoto/aiba masaki, s:arashi, x:pg-13

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