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amtopm_xx's Journal

w e l c o m e to m y m i n d

I am so very unteresting, that’s why I added all the amazingness to my lj and profile. lol. Anyway, I could tell you what my real name is, but I don’t like being called that to often, so I’ll give you my nickname: Naomi or Na-chan. Whichever floats your boat, just call me that. K? On my lj, I make graphics. Icons, banners, wallpapers that sort of thing. Unfortunately, I don’t make layouts. In fact, my lj layout came from thrashmetal But if you would like to request or suggest a graphic, let me know in a message! By the way, if you want to read my fanfictions, click the 'My Fanfictions' link below.
I am a huge Arashi fan (thanks to my cousin) and my favorite of them all is Aiba. ^_^ Aiba has a unique voice that you wouldn’t expect after hearing him talk, and he sings amazingly. Next to Ohno, I think he’s the best singer of the group. Nobody overpowers him. And on top of that, he’s just so adorable! As upset as I was when D no Arashi and A no Arashi ended, I knew it’d be cool because Aiba shows his adorableness on a daily basis and he doesn’t need A no Arashi to do it. lol. Love my Aibaka-chan. ^_^
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